We are Filmmakers. From birth, and by trade; we love what we do.


We love getting to know our couples, and being able to share in their adventures with them. We know you only get married once and how important your big day is. That's why we vow to be there from that first brush of make up until the dancing dies down. Because catching every second of your big day isn't just our job, it's our passion.

To see more of our wedding edits you can check out our Vimeo Page and our YouTube!


Dave Farese Founder/Filmmaker

Dave Farese

Stephen Vanderpool Filmmaker

Stephen Vanderpool

Nelson Pun - Filmmaker

Nelson Pun - Filmmaker

        Garret Stone - Filmmaker  

        Garret Stone - Filmmaker 


1. How much is the deposit? We take a $600 deposit to secure your date, the balance can be paid the day of the wedding.

2. What's the difference between an assistant and a second videographer? An assistant is just there to help the videographer with whatever he needs: carrying gear, helping set up, making sure batteries are charged, grabbing lenses, manning the second camera when the lead videographer needs help.  A second videographer is an additional talented camera operator with their own additional cameras and gear. They get 1-2 additional angles of footage throughout the day, they shoot groom prep while the lead shoots bridal prep, they allow the lead videographer to get more creative, cinematic shots of your event so that your video can look even more amazing. They help ensure that all of the details throughout the event are captured to the fullest. 

3. Why do I have to pay a travel fee? You only have to pay a travel fee if you live an hour or more away from us. This covers gas, wear and tear on our cars, and extra time spent driving on the day of the wedding.

4. What's the difference between getting my raw footage, and edits through dropbox or on a flashdrive? We offer dropbox download for free, but the downside is that you need a pretty fast internet connection to download all those files (normally about 100gbs.) With the 128gbs flashdrive (an additional $40 fee) you get your footage delivered to your door with your Blurays, without any of the hassle of downloading anything.