[ Jennifer & Sean] Quail Haven Farm, Vista California. Wedding Video

[ Jennifer & Sean Wedding Film, Quail Haven Farm ]

         From the moment our team arrived at Jennifer and Sean's venue we were blown away! Everything was so beautiful to look at and the natural aesthetics of the venue were amazing. For those of you who don't know about Quail haven farm, its a gem of a venue, hidden in the backroads of Vista California. The venue has a woodsy feel to it like that of Calamigos Ranch, but with a more personal touch. The whole time we were there it just felt like we were visiting a family friend who lived on a beautiful property in the woods!                                                            There's nothing better than a bride that knows exactly what she wants, and that was Jennifer to the T. She single handedly decorated the entire wedding venue, and did a great job. The whole venue had a rustic 50's feel that looked like something straight out of a pintrest dream wedding. Not to mention the couple being so friendly and very easy to pose for the camera, they had us cracking up all day with their humor, and wisecracks.                                     For dinner at the reception Jennifer somehow managed to get a crepe food truck to show up and make everyone these freaking amazing crepes, it was seriously delicious. During dinner we snuck the couple out back of the property, where there are horse stables, and managed to let the owner give us a horse to use for more video. Sean seemed absolutely terrified of the horse but he managed to pull through and play it off in the video like a slow-mo cool guy.                                                                                                                                           The night proceeded as weddings do, drinks, dancing, and good vibes, late into the night.  Finally Jennifer and Sean said their farewells, and retired off to their hotel for the evening. We do alot of weddings but i have to say, this was easily one of my favorites. 

-Dave Farese [ Light Up Video ]